Our 2019 UGANDA trip

We WILL Revisit Uganda in 2019 as part of our mission to give back to those effected by cervical cancer. Uganda has one of the highest cervical cancer incidence rates in the world.


But, Why Uganda?

Uganda has one of the highest Cervical Cancer incidence rates in the world and is a leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Uganda. The majority of Cervical Cancer cases occur in poorer countries.

This preventable disease affects women who do not have access to care or sufficient resources to combat Cervical Cancer. We're on a mission to change the lives of women affected by this cancer, by raising money for Thermocoagulator devices and treating women around the globe.


How do we plan to help?

Cure Medical, in partnership with Liger Medical, has created a cutting-edge medical device and solution for the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. The Thermocoagulator, which uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to treat pre-cancerous cell lesions in the cervix, caused by the HPV virus. 

The device is handheld, battery-operated, and quicker, easier to use and as efficacious as cryotherapy. The Thermocoagulator procedure takes approximately 20-seconds per treatment to ablate the lesions, as compared to cryotherapy, which requires 11-minutes per treatment. The probe will heat to 100 degrees Celsius. The Thermocoagulator requires no costly gas cylinders, as needed in cryotherapy. Each probe is good for 50 uses.

Project Give Hope is raising money for these devices. Once collected and our team is assembled, we'll take them to rural Uganda, in partnership with the Uganda Cancer Institute, to treat women with pre-cancerous Cervical Cancer lesions.


What is our plan for travel in 2019?

  • We'll bring a team of 4-6 members, including GYN doctor, nurses and researcher.

  • 10-Day mission, visiting rural clinics, hospitals, medical groups and government officials.

  • 1-Day visiting the Cancer Institute of Kampala and meeting cancer specialists.

  • 4-Days visiting rural villages and bringing awareness to cervical cancer and the importance of screening.

  • 1-Day seminar, with round-table discussion, about cervical cancer and prevention in Uganda.

  • 2-Day training session for medical professionals on the Thermocoagulator device, and check-off certification for the device.

  • On the final day, leave the Thermocoagulators with participating clinics, with an agreement to provide monthly data on women treated with the device.


What do we need?

You! We need donors and sponsors to help us raise funds. Each Thermocoagulator device costs $1,500. The more money we raise, the more devices we can purchase, and the more women we can help.

Our goal is to bring 15 devices to Uganda - that's $22,500 we need to raise, just for the device alone! But, we can't do it alone, and along with your support, we need the support of our team to travel to Uganda. Help us raise money today by becoming a Project Give Hope sponsor as a Wall of Hope Sponsor, or by regularly donating to Project Give hope. We can use all the support we an get--no amount of contribution is too small, or too large!