PTSFaces was created from Cherissa's own experiences as a survivor of PTSD and the stories of other Veterans challenged with their condition.

Four tours of duty in some of the worst war zones required Cherissa to compartmentalize her emotions.

Re-bandaging charred bodies as she inhaled the smell of burned skin and watching injured soldiers with amputated limbs emerge from helicopters were a part of her daily work.

After the bombing in Afghanistan of her building in 2011, which caused her to live in fear for six months, Cherissa ultimately retired. When she returned, she was haunted by the memories from her deployments and suffered from increased anxiety.

Soon after, Cherissa was diagnosed with PTSD. With a few months on prescribed medication, continued exercise, and her will to conquer PTSD, Cherissa stands today as a PTS Survivor ready to help her fellow Veterans combat PTSD.