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Cherissa Jackson, during a 2017 humanitarian trip to Uganda.

Cherissa Jackson, during a 2017 humanitarian trip to Uganda.

Women with HIV are at higher risk for cervical pre-cancers and cancers. In the country of Uganda, it is reported that 96% of women receiving HIV care have never heard of HPV.

In the United States, the HPV vaccine is a normal vaccine given to teenagers.  HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that is preventable when there is awareness and access the HPV vaccine.

Project Give Hope was born out of a humanitarian trip to Uganda in 2017. In Uganda specifically, only 4.8% of women are screened annually with PAP exams for HPV.  Thus, only 4% of the HIV community in Uganda have ever heard of HPV and 95.2% of women are not screened for HPV.  Cervical Cancer is preventable and pre-cancerous lesions are treatable only when a community knows about HPV.

We partner with communities to change the lives of women impacted by Cervical Cancer, providing hope through treatment and education. 

We're traveling across the globe to:

  1. Raise awareness for Cervical Cancer

  2. Educate on the prevention of HPV

  3. Treat those with pre-cancerous Cervical Cancer cells through the use of the Thermocoagulator

Learn more about our first focus, Uganda, and how the Thermocoagulator will help us treat women--in only 20 seconds.


Cherissa Jackson
Executive Director, Founder