Why Uganda?

The country of Uganda has one of the highest cervical cancer incidence rates in the world and is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Uganda.

Who is most at risk for cervical cancer?

Women, across all countries, between the ages of 15 and 44 years are at risk, and especially those in poorer countries.

What is the best way to prevent and treat cervical cancer?

Combining screening of HPV (human papilloma virus) and early treatment can prevent the progression of invasive cervical cancer.


How can I get involved?

Whether you are an individual, corporate or medical practice, there is a place for you to help support Project Give Hope. Please visit our Donor Level  page to learn more about how we can use your support, and our various giving levels. Or simply, donate today with your choice in amount!

What is a Thermocoagulator?

Developed by Cure Medical, in partnership with Liger Medical, the Termocoagulator HTC-110, also called The Cinluma Project, is a handheld device, developed to treat pre-cancerous cell lesions in the cervix, caused by the HPV virus. It is battery-operated, quick and easy to use and as efficacious as cryotherapy. The procedure takes approximately 20 seconds to treat and ablate the lesions, as opposed to cryotherapy which requires 11 minutes per treatment. Each probe is good for 50 uses, heats to 100 degrees Celsius and requires no costly gas cylinders, as opposed to cryotherapy. Learn more.

How much does each device cost?

Each Thermocoagulator costs $1,500. Our goal is to bring at least 15 devices on our first trip to Uganda.