What is a Thermocoagulator?

The Thermocoagulator is a needed solution, given the ratio of oncologists in countries such as Uganda, who has only a small number of oncologists to treat a reported 60,000 cases of cancer each year. The Thermocoagular is FDA approved, portable, lightweight, low-cost, battery operated, handheld and just as effacious as the gold standard cryotherapy. 


The Thermocoagulator treats a pre-cancerous lesion in 20 seconds, as compared to the required 11 minutes for cryotherapy. It is currently in 30, third-world countries and other countries are requesting it as well. Each device costs $1,500.

The Thermocoagulator was developed by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) Cancer Division of the World Health Organization (WHO) in conjunction with students at the University of Utah as a practical treatment device for treating women with pre-cancerous lesions to cure them before they develop cancer. 

Project Give Hope's primary goal is to offer these devices to communities in need.

Project Give Hope was born out of the goal to bring a solution to Cervical Cancer in poorer countries, such as Uganda. With only 20 oncologists for a country of 35 million Ugandans, there are not enough medical professionals or resources available to help the women in this country.

Only 4.8% of women have ever been screened for Cervical Cancer in the rural communities of Uganda. The other 95.2% remain unscreened, undiagnosed and hopeless once symptoms of Cervical Cancer appear. 

Often times it’s too late and many women have advanced to stage 3 or stage 4 Cervical Cancer. We're on a mission to bring “hope” to these undeserved women and to the country of Uganda. We want find a solution.

Over 260,000 women in the world [predominately in Africa, India, Asia and worldwide in low to middle income countries] die each year to the silent killer of Cervical Cancer. It is the number one killer of women in their childbearing and productive years and is caused by the HPV sexually transmitted virus. This disease is preventable with effective screening and with treatment.

Imagine all the women whose lives will be saved by the Thermocoagulator. Imagine the “hope” that we will bring to those scared, because they believe they will die from Cervical Cancer.  Imagine what we will be giving to those women who think nobody cares about them. Imagine the children who will have their mothers to care for them. Project Give Hope will bring limitless opportunities to save women in Uganda.

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