changing the lives of women impacted by cervical cancer


providing hope through Education & Prevention & Treatment.



We are educating high-risk local communities on HPV and the importance of HPV vaccinations, the importance of performing annual gynecological exams (Pap smears) and the follow-up when diagnosed with HPV. 

We work to educate the public across the globe on the safety of the HPV vaccine and reiterate the importance of safe sexual conduct. 

We collaborate with other organizations to raise awareness on the prevention of Cervical Cancer and HPV on college campuses, schools, and adolescent organizations. 



We work to educate the community on the importance of regular Pap exams and the HPV vaccine for adolescents, starting at age 11. We raise awareness to high-risk local communities about the importance of safe sex, the transmission of the HPV virus and the importance of completing the HPV vaccine schedule to ensure all doses of medication are received. 


We bring awareness to the importance of follow-up visits for adequate treatment options if cervical cancer if diagnosed. Our goal is to introduce the Thermocoagulator for treatment of pre-cancerous lesions in high-risk communities across the world.


giving hope back to communities.

We're traveling across the United States and abroad to raise awareness for HPV and Cervical Cancer. In 20 seconds we can save a life. We're headed back to Uganda in 2019. Learn how you can help.